Maintenance Tips and Preparation for the 2016 RV Season in Casper Wyoming

Outlaw RV – Casper’s BEST Mobile RV Repair/Maintenance Source Shares TIPS for MAINTAINING your RV to help it last for YEARS and AVOID major repairs down the road

It’s mid-April (really late April) and as I write this it is SNOWING HEAVILY outside! We’ve had a few warm days, and certainly more are coming soon (hopefully REAL SOON!) Casper Mountain is still covered in snow (heck, you can probably still do some snowshoeing, cross country skiing and maybe even snow mobiling up there), but soon, it will be covered with campers, RV’ers from all over but especially from the Casper region, looking to get into nature and use their RV’s as a “base camp” to enjoy live, spend time with their families and more.

Casper Mobile RV Repair, Outlaw RV
Snow in Casper in late April. Outlaw RV Repair and Maintenance – tips to help you ready for RV season 2016!

Outlaw RV – Mobile RV Repair and Maintenance suggests…

As you “de-winterize” your rv, whether it’s a travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, or a motor home, there are actions you can do (or we can do for you while you’re out there in this economy trying to earn a buck):

  • Roof maintenance – Dicor Corporation has some good “how to” videos that detail how to maintain your RV’s roof
  • Slides and Landing Gear need lubrication from time to time – contact us for advice on what to use on your particular rig. There are a number of lubricants out on the market, some will work well, others will do more harm than help! Be sure to get the right stuff! We’re here to help. 307 237 0999
  • Keep that fresh water tank FRESH! Here is a LINK to a YouTube video that will brief you on this IMPORTANT topic!
  • Your water heater is EXPENSIVE to repair and replace – consider a simple Anode rod to keep your water heater healthy! (Some of the local RV parks have particularly hard water.)
  • We carry a large selection of all kinds of parts – in case your water pump (check it before you get into the wilderness) fails, any plumbing, the hot water heater, the sail switch (common issue) in the furnace, and even just LED lights.
  • A note on LED Lights – Yes, you CAN update an older RV to these lights. They draw MUCH less power than traditional lights in RV’s. They are (typically) EASY to replace, BUT, be careful what you purchase. If you do shop Amazon, read the reviews CAREFULLY, particularly the critical reviews for any particular product. Many of the cheapest LED lights will work for a few weeks and then start to flicker… arrgh! Then particularly if you’re in a 5th wheel, it’s time to drag the ladder back inside and start replacing them all over again! Buyer beware!! I am not going to recommend a particular light to you at this time. If you’re looking to do it, call me and I may have a recommendation by the time you call.


Call us!

Outlaw RV – Casper Mobile RV Repair and Maintenance

307 – 237 – 0999

Jake offers the BEST mobile RV repair in the entire Casper region
Jake offers the BEST mobile RV repair in the entire Casper region – Outlaw RV

We also honor most Extended Service Contract repairs. Here is what one of our customers had to say about Extended Service Contracts (<– click here) After reading the article we linked here, please feel free to contact us for a quote on an “ESC”.

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